About Me

A little bit about what makes me click!

It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter.

- Alfred Eisenstaedt
I'm a seasoned dance-dad that also happens to be one of the UK's leading specialist dance photographers creating amazing dance images and headshots!

I can make a ballet-bun that doesn’t fall out during over 4 hours of dancing, I have an eye for detail & I love chocolate. … oh, and I also know how to shape light to produce dramatic and striking portraits and treat you like royalty in the process.

I don’t ‘take pictures’… you can do that with your phone (& it’ll look like you did it on your phone)… I create high quality portraits and creative & dynamic images that are individually crafted to evoke an emotional response in the viewer.

If you need a crisp, clean headshot for any of the following; your portfolio, auditions, university & college applications, your website application a headshot, then you need to get in touch today and book your session!

I love what I do, love experimenting and am always open to new ideas. I’m willing to discuss any project with you – no matter how crazy you think it is!... We love to talk, so get in touch now and let get working on your next project!

However, that's only half of the Ian Knaggs Photography story - behind the scenes & looking after the, oh so important, details of business management is my ever supportive and inspiring wife Emma. As a team, we take great pride in providing a high level of customer service to ensure that you get the high quality results that you deserve.

People are at the heart of our business and we take great pride in making sure that we know & understand your requirements before you ever step in front of the lens. It's this attention to detail that allows us to create great portraits, not just pictures.

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